Volunteer Opportunities


Volunteerism makes Riverside's program stronger by demonstrating "supportive community" and providing additional adult role models for our students. We encourage parents to participate in Riverside's program in a way that fits their unique interests and schedules. 



This is our biggest fund-raiser of the year and we want it to be bigger and better every year so we need your help.  Although all families will take part in donating to and attending the event,  we need a core crew to work with Krystal Ingalls to plan a theme and advertising, procure donations, enter data in the computer systems, decorate the space, prepare food, and help clean up. The date is always the first Saturday in February.

This is a pretty popular group.  You will be emailed or called a few days before an event and asked to send in an item.  Events such as Open Houses, Conferences, Concerts or Plays usually involve some sort of food.  It is understood that you will not be available to bake for each event but when you are available, we welcome the help!

The first Saturday in Octobers is the sale, but we begin to set up the day before.  This is a pretty big event, and a great opportunity for the general public to come onto the school grounds and get to know us. Prior to the event we will need to delegate a chairperson(s), help with advertising, help with set up on Friday, workers on the Saturday, and a fresh group to step in at the end of that long Saturday to help with the clean-up.

Taking 70+ people skiing on one afternoon is a large undertaking! We need help keeping the student organized and safe.  This involves helping to carpool students to the mountain, get them ready with their gear, chaperone on their lessons, and free ski with them for the afternoon. 

Certain times we may need help in the office, either to substitute for or assist Krystal.  Let us know if you would be available to answer phones and help with mailings.

We can use parent help with costumes, props, set construction, supervision, meal preparation, and transportation for the plays that are produced from the preschool to middle school level.  Since the students depart entirely from academic classes during this time, and embark on bringing together all elements of the production, we need extra adults to support them in being successful.  

Our old house needs a lot of TLC every year. Whether your skills are in cleaning and organizing, painting, minor maintenance or major construction, we would love to have your help. 

Sometimes Riverside teachers can not make it to school and we call on parents who are comfortable in the classroom to cover their classes.  This can happen with fair warning or without. If you’re comfortable following our directions and passing them on to our students, please volunteer!

Electives, which typically meet twice a week for nine weeks, are the perfect opportunity for our students to broaden their educations and learn more about the adults in our community.  If you have a hobby, talent, or skill you think would engage Riversiders, consider sharing it in this structured way.

Our school can be judged on appearances and we want to keep it looking ship shape.  Each season there is work to be done around the grounds: from pruning and raking, to shoveling and sanding, to seeding and weeding.  These can be easy tasks to share with a friend, new and old.  Please sign up!

We depend on our parent volunteers to raise a portion of the operating budget that is not covered by tuition.  We’ve had lots of ideas shared, from plant sales to pie sales and from beer tastings to superbowl catering.  How could a group of parents raise about $7500? Get together, make a plan, we support you!

You might have an image in your mind of a stereotypical middle school dance, but Riverside’s dances are nothing like those!  Elementary students are invited for the earlier part of the evening and middle school students enjoy staying later.  There’s music and food and games and a pretty relaxed and happy vibe to the party that happens in and around the barn.  There will be one or two faculty there, in addition to Peter who leads the event with the student council, but a few extra parents are always welcome.