Tuition & Financing

The tuition for Riverside is set by the Board of Trustees each March for the coming school year. Tuition is unconditionally non-refundable and includes: an assignment book or boomerang; most textbooks; ski, skate and swim participation; and day and overnight field trip experiences.

Tuition is due in three installments. The non-refundable deposit of $500 is due within ten business days of acceptance. This payment assures the student of a position in the school for the coming school year. The second payment equal to 60% of the remaining balance is due on August 1. The third payment of the remaining 40% balance is due on December 1.

Riverside accepts credit card payments, with a 3% surcharge will be added to cover the cost to the school. A monthly payment plan of direct deposits for tuition is available with a nominal interest charge; arrangements may be made with the Business Manager. Tuition may be paid in full before the end of the plan.

Riverside is a state approved school for the school-choice towns of Bloomfield, Brunswick, East Haven, Granby, Guildhall, Kirby, Lemington, Maidstone, Norton, Peacham, and Victory. These towns will cover most of Riverside's tuition because they don't have their own schools for resident students. Parents who reside in these towns are responsible for making arrangements with your supervisory union to ensure tuition payments are received by the scheduled payment dates and for paying any remaining difference in tuition.

Additional Costs

There are some additional costs associated with the Riverside experience, but each of these come with an option to not participate or to choose an alternative. Examples include:

  • ski or skate rentals

  • soccer cleats and shin guards

  • Wednesday pizza lunch order

  • school supplies from the School Store

Financial Aid

Riverside dedicates 8% of its operating budget to financial aid, and is growing an endowment fund to support more aid for students in the future. An application for financial aid is available upon request, and will require a copy of your family's tax return. Financial aid applications are due by April 1.

Financial aid awards are granted on a case-by-case basis, depending on need. According to our policy, awards never exceed 50% of the parents' tuition obligation. 

We ask that current/re-enrolling families submit financial aid applications by April 1, and newly enrolling family submit financial aid applications by May 1.


It's important to know that income from tuition only covers about 60% of Riverside's operating budget. The remaining revenue comes from grants and fundraising. We ask our parent community to be responsible for a certain amount of fundraising each year in order to meet that obligation. Additionally, the school organizes an annual fund appeal, a benefit auction, and many other events to raise needed funds, and we wish for as much parent support as possible in those endeavors.