Board of Trustees


The Riverside School is governed by its board of trustees, which follows the school's by-laws and best practices suggested by the National Association of Independent Schools. The board employs the head of school, who is responsible for the day to day operational and educational functions of Riverside. Through strong leadership of recent presidents, the board has grown to be comprised of an effective team of individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences, recently revised the school's policies, and need to draft a long-term financial plan. The board has committees on finance, development, governance, and facilities, which are held accountable to their meeting schedules and goals in order to be effective and alleviate the work of the head of school. The positive and close working relationship of recent board presidents with the head of school has reflected Riverside's strong, supportive community atmosphere.

2018-2019 Board of Trustees

President and Secretary: Kimberly M. Butler, JD; Attorney and Director, Downs Rachlin Martin PLLC

Vice President: Rebecca Hill-Larsen, Environmental Educator

Treasurer: Stephanie Giese, Assistant Professor, Northern Vermont University

John Alexander: Educator

Mike Dente: Chief Technology Officer, Northern Vermont University

Barry Hertz, Ed.D.: Retired Professor, Lyndon State College

Rohan Racine: Master’s Student, McGill University

Mel Reis: Owner, Mel Reis & Associates; corporate marketing and advancement strategy consultant

Roy Starling: Greek and Latin Instructor, Lyndon Institute

Polly Walton Yerkes, RN, Riverside '86: SOCAPA (School of Creative and Performing Arts) administrator; property manager

James Newell: Retired Founder of The Riverside School

Emerita Merle Thompson: Retired Founder of The Riverside School