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The Center provides professional development opportunities for educators in the Northeast Kingdom and North Country. In the summer of 2019, we will offer a Critical Skills Institute through Antioch Center for School Renewal/ Critical Skills Program, coordinated by Riverside teacher Nelia Rath.

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Hi Friends and Teachers,

I’m excited to be teaching a Critical Skills Institute for NEK/North Country teachers again this summer at Riverside in Lyndonville: July 22-26, 2019. I hope you’ll consider registering, and please pass this info on to your friends and colleagues!

We need adults who know how to work together to solve problems, so let’s practice establishing classrooms where students practice doing that. We’ll integrate collaborative, experiential, problem-based, and standards based learning methods along with ideas of your own and methods that are a priority in your school.

Below is an excerpt from the syllabus, along with links to registration and more information about Critical Skills. It will be a completely engaging 40 hour experience over 5 days, that should inspire you, allow you to build meaningful relationships with other local teachers, and provide an opportunity to build on your existing lesson plans/units for next year.

It will comprise 40 hours of professional development. Graduate credit is available at an extra cost.

The Level I institute experience is designed to introduce you to the Critical Skills classroom model and prepare you to begin implementing it in your own learning environment. Our classroom model is a highly interactive, experiential approach to learning that develops student knowledge and skills through collaborative problem-solving. Students in a Critical Skills classroom are thoroughly engaged in their learning and play a very active role in all aspects of the learning process. The overwhelming majority of students find our approach to be fun, stimulating, and very demanding. Your institute experience will reflect this same educational design. Participants are first immersed in a Critical Skills Classroom, then explore the integration of problem-based learning, experiential learning, collaborative learning, and standards-based learning for implementation in their own classroom. Particular attention is given to understanding strategies for:

Developing and maintaining the classroom as a strong, collaborative learning community,

Setting and assessing standards for quality work,

Targeting critical skills and dispositions within curriculum frameworks,

Utilizing technology and media resources as tools for problem solving,

Designing problem-based classroom challenges that address subject area standards through a meaningful context for learning, and

Guiding and coaching students' production and reflection processes using the Experiential Learning Cycle.


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Nelia Rath

Director of Co-Curricular Programs

The Riverside School

Lyndonville, VT