Maaike Dam

Before it was a school, Riverside looked like a very nice place, and it was. There were steps leading up to a beautiful vine-covered porch, a small semicircle of cedar trees, a sunny lawn with a large elm tree, and a many paned solarium. Also, in the corner of the picture there is a weird stump covered with vines, that was taken out later when, I’m guessing, the people didn’t want it any more.
Now, Riverside is still a very nice place, but it is a LOT different. For one, it is a school. The vines are gone, and the steps were replaced with railing when they redid the solarium. Yes, the many paned solarium was taken out and replaced so it was a lot larger and now has windows that open. The big tree was taken out because it got old and died. The lawn got smaller and now cars can go through more easily. As a last thought, in the now picture, there is a small tree, in the place where the big tree once stood. Maybe 80 years from now, it will be as big as the old one.