Lacey Patoine

Riverside is a nice place to live and a nice place to learn but, do you think that the Granary is a nice place to pick up and take with you? If you want to learn more about the Granary then keep reading. Some say the Granary has unicorns, greek gods, a pool, a bowling alley, and a bike tire pump in the mystical attic of the Granary. Peter is the fun and very nice English teacher of the class. There is sadly a very strict rule that Peter made: ONLY 8TH GRADE CAN GO TO THE ATTIC.  In the past there were 3 trees that got cut down. There was also a lot of free space behind the Granary. Now the free space is separated from the school grounds by a small forest. A storage building is in the background of my picture. A really nice lady named Annie Givobic came and told me and my class that when she lived here she played in the attic. She even wanted to pick up and take the Granary with her to her house now to live in. The Granary was used to store grains when Riverside was a farm.