Riverside "Now & Then" by the 5th Grade

Most of January, the class of 2020, or the 5th grade has been studying when Riverside wasn’t a school but when it older and people lived in it. It has been a fun unit and now we want to share our knowledge.

In some of these paragraphs you might see the name Annie Gibovic. She is one of few people that has lived in the house and is still alive. She came and visited and talked to us about Riverside’s history. She also told us some stories, one was about the solarium. We have a solarium now except it is different kind. She was very helpful and deserve’s a big thank you.  

We have learned a lot of things about Riverside these past few weeks.  We have learned about the house, the barn, the granary, fields, and lots of stories about Riverside and what it was like back then. We hope you learned something about The Riverside School and we hope that you had fun learning about the past of  Riverside!

All this information has a picture to go with it so you came see what it was like back then.