Spring Field Trip to Quebec City

The 36th annual Riverside School Spring field-trip took the fourth-eighth graders, the faculty, and 20 parent chaperones across the border to Quebec City for a three day adventure through this historic landmark.

The trip began with small groups engaging in self-directed historical walking tours of the entire city that helped orient them to its history and unique style. The evening commenced with a lively game of trivia about all the information they had gathered throughout the day.

The second day involved students exploring the battlefields on the Plains of Abraham and touring the majestic Chateau Frontenac. The whole group took packed lunches onto the ferry to cross the St. Lawrence River and get a more holistic view of the city on its shore.

That evening students and chaperones divided up into their individual classes and spent the time dining at different restaurants all over the city. The faculty had prepared the students to know how much money they would need for their meal, tax and tip as well as how to order off a menu, even ones written in French! It was an effective cultural exchange and enjoyed by all.

Some of the most valuable memories for the students was when their individual teachers extended the year’s learning with specific trips, such as the eighth graders visiting the Islamic Centre of Quebec, where they met practicing Muslims and heard personal stories of the tragic shootings that occurred there earlier this year.

Michelle Ralston, the head of school, offered that her favorite part of the trip was the final day when the entire group toured the Huron Wendat Museum. There, participants met members of the First Nations communities as they acted as guides and docents. The group learned about traditional skills such as beading, fire-building, and the construction and atmosphere of a long-house.

The Riverside School has a five year rotation of spring field trips that include going to Boston, Montreal, the Champlain Valley, and next year’s adventure to the Seacoast.