Preschool Takes Flight

One would think that preschool students are not the worldliest, but that is anything but the case at The Riverside School. These students travel much and are eager to tell about it. The director, Heidi Andrews and the assistant teacher, Dianah Hale developed an entire unit around world travel. They hired a friend to create a cockpit with gages, gizmos, and maps.  Each student took turns role-playing being pilots, flight attendants and passengers.

They also had their own passports that they stamped with letters and numbers and even had a real ticket and boarding pass that they used to take flight on the Riverside 747. They enjoyed flying to places such as California, Florida, Italy, New Hampshire and the class favorite, Africa. Benny Holder so enthusiastically inquired, "Let's go to Africa! Can you show me where Africa is on our map?"  

It will be easy to assume that these youngsters will be life-long explorers.