Mythology Day

Studying the classics has always been an integral part of The Riverside School experience. Nathan Gair, an alum and current Latin teacher, led the entire student body in the school’s annual Mythology Day on December 21, 2016.

In preparation for the whole school event, each student chose a character from Norse, Greek, Roman and Tolkien mythology, studied the character in depth, dressed in costume, and presented it to Riverside students, teachers, and family members. 

The mixture of Cyclops, heroic soldiers, powerful gods and goddesses then preformed such formidable tasks as reenacting the Battle of Troy, braving the Labyrinth while defeating the Minotaur, and building the Walls of Troy. The event commenced with the Urn of Fate in which the students shared gifts with one another, not knowing the giver or contents of the package prior to its opening.

It was an event shrouded in tradition and mystery, evoking a deeper understanding of history and reinvigorating the mythmaker in all of us.