Crazy 8's is a Crazy Good Time

Rosa Patoine & Lila Yerkes are all hands in the human clock!

Rosa Patoine & Lila Yerkes are all hands in the human clock!

At The Riverside School, school does not end at 3:00 pm!  An innovative afterschool program specifically geared towards grades K-2 called Crazy 8’s Math Club is being led by Kim Adams, a mother of two Riverside School students and a high school math and science teacher. It is part of a nationwide initiative whose main purpose is to allow young students the chance to become engaged in STEM activities and gain a passion for math. Kim is committed to providing an engaging, hands-on eight-week course that will include activities such as “Glow in the Dark Geometry”, “Let’s Get Loud”, “Toilet Paper Olympics” and “Spy Training”.

When asked about her desire to lead such an endeavor Kim responded, “ I heard about the program from colleagues and it sounded really fun. As a teacher of upper level grades, I hear so many students say they dislike math.  My personal goal in running this program is to instill a passion for and a confidence in math.  As well, I greatly enjoy being able to volunteer at my children’s school. I get to know their classmates and friends on a deeper level.”

Sawyer Daffinrud and Ivan Dovholuk chimed in, “We liked making the human clock. We learned that time is broken up into days, weeks, months and years as well as seconds, minutes, and hours.”

All students agreed that their absolute favorite class was learning about pitch and being able to scream as loud as they could, once again proving that teaching is not for the faint of heart!