Play Week: A Riverside Tradition

From left to right: Elijah Clarke, Claire Morgan, Wally Hunt, James Lamontagne, Katie Lyon, and Jasmine Whittaker

From left to right: Elijah Clarke, Claire Morgan, Wally Hunt, James Lamontagne, Katie Lyon, and Jasmine Whittaker

It is with great pleasure that we ask you to join us for The Riverside School’s production of The Lion King on March 18-19 at 7:00 pm in the Barn. Producing plays has been a long-standing tradition at The Riverside School and over the years it has become more elaborate with the creation of Play Week. The classes for the 6-8 graders are suspended the week before the performance and the students, faculty and staff as well as parent and community volunteers work collaboratively on all aspects of the production.

When asked how they feel about Play Week, the students responses clearly addressed both the work and pleasure aspects of this community effort. Ishika Patel, a member of the costuming elective as well as one of the Lionesses stated, “Play Week is very stressful but it is worth it in the end when you see the final production.” Trevor Lussier, a set builder and member of the Ensemble was quoted as saying, “the play is a lot of work but really fun.” Phoebe Barrett, an Ensemble member and part the costuming elective mused, “the play is really fun because we get to joke around while getting things done.”

Prior to the official Play Week, the students spent the quarter in an elective that is designed to fit the plays needs. The electives include costuming, props, sets and publicity. This year, the props elective also included puppetry as this production has many elaborate puppets in its cast.

Parent and community volunteers are an integral part of the play production, leading some of the electives as well as donating supplies and expertise for set building and costuming, make-up and hair, dinner for the students and bake sale items.

For more wide spread promotion of the play, the students invite News Channel 7 from Lyndon State College to come and do a TV news article on them. Plus, several students go to Magic 97 at 8:35 am on the morning of opening night to be interviewed on the air. Be sure to keep and ear and eye out for those two pieces.

The Lion King is appropriate for all ages and admission is by donation. Please come and be transported into this magical land of singing and dancing, drumming and chanting and admire the hard work and collaborative efforts of our Riverside community.