Our philosophy is taken from the Reggio Emilia model of learning. We are dedicated to nurturing the growth of each child while providing opportunities for optimal social and emotional growth, as well as development of physical and cognitive skills. In a nurturing, safe, and healthy environment children will have the opportunity to understand and see their world, life, and education through various perspectives. We seek to enable each child together with their family to develop a love for nature and their community.


We believe

Each child has cognitive, physical, emotional, and social needs that are unique and should be nurtured accordingly.

  • Children learn through play and experience. Playful learning opportunities should be thoughtfully provided to challenge them and encourage growth.

  • Children need their basic needs to be met in a safe, warm, and nurturing space. The environment influences a child’s ability to learn, grow, and develop relationships.

  • Children learn what they live. In order to grow, children need parents and teachers to demonstrate positive manners and values in all that they say and do. Working with each child’s family is a key ingredient to that child’s success.

  • Gardening opportunities and learning about the natural world around them will be a focus.

“Children are strong, rich, and capable. All children have preparedness, potential, curiosity, and interest in constructing their learning, negotiating with everything their environment brings them.”
— Reggio Emilia


The environment is designed to act as a third teacher and will provide children with the opportunity to create, explore, and learn about the world around them. The space is valued by the child, teachers, and families. The classroom layout is carefully arranged to provide an abundance of opportunities for communication to occur and relationships to be built. As well as space to be alone to develop self awareness.

The classroom artistically displays the imagination and creativity of each child. Art work is respectfully exhibited throughout the space.

The Reggio Emilia approach connects the child’s learning to the students interests and life outside our classroom. The community and outside world is studied in detail giving the children insight into their world and how it works.Through this process children gain understanding and appreciation for the individuals in their community.

Assessments and observations are in alignment with Vermont Early Learning Standards and Gold Teaching Strategies. There will always be a VT State Licensed teacher on site. 

“Our experience at the Riverside preschool has exceeded our expectations. Anders transitioned into the program seamlessly and enjoys going to school every day. He adores his teachers and has made great friends. The warm and engaging classroom has provided him a safe, fun and nurturing place to grow and learn.”
— Courtney & Eric Daffinrud, parents to Lennon 2022, Sawyer 2024 & Anders 2026