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Our Philosophy of Education

The Riverside School is dedicated to the ideal that children be involved and enthusiastic participants in their education.  We nurture and encourage curiosity, creativity, and individuality, and we instill in students an appreciation for hard work.  We believe that children can learn to be strong and effective leaders, and we are committed to developing in our students the skills necessary to take on leadership roles.  We believe that students must be aware of and be active in the broader world around them in order to become ethical and compassionate members of society.  Support for our students' growth as learners, leaders, and citizens must come from every element of the Riverside community, both in and out of the classroom; therefore, we value and rely on the deep involvement of parents, faculty, staff, and administration in the development of our students.

The Riverside Rap was written by the class of 2014, as part of their 7th grade music class's study of how music is an educational tool.  It was so well received by our school community that the music teacher, Janet Edmondson, decided to extend the project to a recording that incorporates the voices of all our students.

Portrait of the Riverside Graduate

The Riverside School Student Will:

  • Think critically

  • Communicate well

  • Engage in and apply learning

  • Lead and follow comfortably and collaboratively

  • Embrace individuality

  • Challenge himself/herself

  • Achieve at a high level

  • Participate as an engaged citizen of the world

  • Develop empathetic relationships

  • Act responsibly