Monday Memo 8/29/17

Mrs. Leferrier welcomed her first grade class before assembly: Isla, Lila, Cora, Cater, Will, Rylie, Conall, Micah

Mrs. Leferrier welcomed her first grade class before assembly: Isla, Lila, Cora, Cater, Will, Rylie, Conall, Micah

MONDAY MEMO DISTRIBUTION: Because we are still waiting for many families to return their Biography Form (see below), we have not set up all of our MM distribution systems (via email, in hard copy at pick up if you prefer, with grandparents who’d like to read it) yet.  For today, everyone will get a hard copy. Hard copies for PreK-5th graders will be in their boomerang folders, hard copies for 6th-8th graders will be passed out at pick up.  In the future we hope to have a copy always available for download from our website as well.


Forms:  There are important forms that we need each family as soon as possible, including the Family Biography, Medical Information, Handbook Agreement, Background Check (new families), Driver Information Release, and Release of Information (8th grade only). If you need any new copies, please email or stop in to Krystal’s office at pick up today.  Please return these to us as soon as possible so that we can collate and use the information as necessary.  Completing these promptly will allow us to publish a family contact list, to share the Monday Memo electronically, and to plan the Fall Field Trip as necessary.  Please complete these tonight!


HANDBOOKS:  New families received their 2017-2018 Riverside Family Handbooks at the New Family Orientation, others were given out today at drop off or pick up.  Please be sure to review the booklet with your child as is appropriate to his/her age (a 7-8th grader might read it entirely, a 4-5th grader might read sections you recommend, you might talk with your 1-2nd grader about items you feel are important) and sign and return the form so that we know that students are familiar with the information.  Don’t miss additional information and forms in the front pocket, including a cover letter from Michelle, new planned absence forms, a school calendar, an explanation of Parent Involvement, and much more.


AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM: The ASP has begun running today.  If you plan for your child to attend on any kind of regular schedule, please complete the After School Program Registration Form so that we can plan ccordingly.  If you have an irregular need for your child to be cared for after dismissal, just call us as soon as possible. Students in the preschool program must attend After School in that classroom, and be picked up by 4:15 ($5).  K-8th grade students can be picked up by 4:00 ($5) or by 5:00 ($10).  More details about the program are in the Family Handbook.

         We are still looking for a fulltime staff person for the After School Program, which is overseen by Nelia.  If you have suggestions, please let us know. In the meantime, we are grateful for the multiple Riverside faculty members who are filling in.

SOCCER: The 5-6th grade soccer team will be coached by parent Jamie Yerkes (1st grader Lila, 6th grader Gus) and the 7-8th grade team by Mr. G (whose daughter Aurora is in 8th gr). We encourage all 5-8th graders to participate in the games and enjoy the team atmosphere of competition. 

  • Practices will take place during PE classes during the school day, and so are required for all students.  There will also be optional after school practices on all Mondays and Thursdays for the 5-6 team and Tuesdays and Thursdays for the 7-8 team, beginning this Thursday.  You can pick your child up from practice any time before 4:30 on Mondays and 5:00 on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  • Games will begin after the Fall Field Trip and will be scheduled for Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.

Tues, Sep. 12 away at Barnet

4:15 5-6th grade team

5:15 7-8th grade team

Thurs, Sep. 21 home vs Waterford

4:00 5-6th grade team

5:00 7-8th grade team

Tues, Sep. 26 at home vs Stevens

4:00 5-6th grade team

5:00 7-8th grade team

Thurs, Sep. 28 at home vs Concord

4:30 5-6th grade team

5:30 7-8th grade team

Mon, Oct. 2 at home vs Barnet at 4:15, 5-6th grade team

Tues, Oct. 3 at home vs Good Shepherd at 4:00, 7-8th grade team

Thurs, Oct. 5 away at Waterford

4:00 5-6th grade team

5:00 7-8th grade team

Tues, Oct. 17 away at Good Shepherd at 4:00, 6-8th graders

Sat, Oct. 21 Monroe Tournament at 8:00 am, details to follow

  • For equipment, students who choose to play in games will need cleats, shin guards, and mouth guards.  Before you go shopping, plan to check out the huge supply we've got for the taking, and if you have gear that no longer fits, consider sharing it with another family.  The supplies will be on the back porch of school for anyone to look through.
  • Volunteer Help: We appreciate parents who donate their time to ref our home games and to provide snacks for the team at half time during all games.  Sign up sheets for these two requests will be out with the other volunteer sign ups at the Fall Fresh Start event on September 8.  Feel free to email Nelia is advance if you want plan your assistance now.


JOBS AVAILABLE: We have paid partime positions available, if you or someone you know may be interested: After School Program staff (approx 15 hours/week) and Custodial Help (approx 10 hours/week).  Please contact Michelle.


VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: We would appreciate the help of 2-3 people to install bulletin and white boards that arrived at the last minute.  Please contact Krystal if you’re willing to help and let her know your availability.  She will coordinate from there.


FALL FRESH START AND FAMILY BBQ: Next Friday, beginning at 2:00 pm students will start working in buddy pairs on chores to help us get our year off to a good start; we welcome parents as soon as you are available to choose a chore from the board on the porch. We depend on your participation and help, and we hope this event will be a happy blend of productivity, community building, and Friday night fun.  We would love to have 100% of Riverside faculty, families, and trustees present!  If you cannot attend, we understand, and we ask that you choose a remaining chore from the board and tackle it at your convenience.


2:00-3:00 pm - Buddy partners of mixed ages will work together on some chores.

3:00-5:00 pm - Available adults and their children take on chores from the chore board. We have cleaning, gardening, fixing, hauling, and painting tasks. Sharing a job is a wonderful way to get to know other Riverside students and parents while greatly helping the school.  Bring the tools you like to work with, and check in on the front porch of the house when you arrive.

*Students whose parents are not here at regular dismissal time should be signed up for the After School Program.


5:00 pm - Community Meeting led by Michelle - We ask that all Riverside families be present for introductions, school updates, and get-to-know each other time. 8th graders will also lead activities for students.

5:45 pm - BBQ potluck - We ask that everyone bring a food/drink item to share, according to the list below.  We also need 4 grills, and 4 “grill masters”.  

·      If you can lend us a grill, please let Sarah Broome (Administrative Assistant) know, and we ask that you bring the appropriate fuel and tools, and we do not expect you to bring an additional food item from the list below.  

·      If you can be a “grill master,” please let Sarah Broome (Administrative Assistant) know, check in with her upon arrival, and plan to start up the grills and begin cooking during the Community Meeting time.

·      Potluck Contributions by Last Name: We may have as many as 300 people in attendance. Riverisde will provide drinks, condiments, and desserts. Last Names A - L salads, M - Y grill-able items (please don’t feel obligated to spend beyond your means, lots of families are sharing this one, it averages to about 10 servings per contributing family).


FALL FIELD TRIP: This year’s Fall Field Trip will be to the Siskin-Coutts Ecological Adventures on Seymour Lake in Derby, VT. see specific dates below depending on grade level. We encourage, welcome, and value the attendance of parents for all or any portion of the trip; you can be helpful to us in supervising students and preparing meals, and you will really enjoy this time to get to know other students and their families.  Please let Nelia know if you plan to stay with us overnight at all so that she can plan sleeping arrangements/supervision duties accordingly. More details about the directions, schedule, packing list, and meals will follow at Friday’s Community Meeting and in future Monday Memos.

4th-8th Grade: We expect all 4th-8th grade students to be in attendance Wednesday, September 13 – Friday, September 15. Please organize transportation so students arrive there by 9:30 on Wednesday morning and are picked up at 1:00 on Friday.  We will be staying in cabins with beds and mattresses, and there are bathrooms nearby. 

K-3rd Grade: These students will join us on Thursday via organized carpools from Riverside with their teachers, and volunteer drivers (let teachers know directly if you can help.)

                   We will dismiss PreK-3rd graders from Riverside between 12:00-1:00 on Friday, as they’ll be tired from their first full week and the older students have an early release that day as well.  If you have students in both age groups, please pick up your elementary student first, probably soon after 12:00, so that you can pick up at the camp in Franconia on time.

After-School Program that Friday:  The after-school program will run as soon as students are dismissed from Riverside, as it will on other half-days during the year.  We ask that parents who have 4th-8th graders in the after-school program try to coordinate carpools to get those students from Derby back to Riverside.  Many families and faculty will be travelling back in this direction.


SWIMMING4th-6th grade students will begin swimming on Friday afternoons at the LSC pool, beginning on September 22.  Nelia will be supervising swim teachers (we’re seeking local volunteers, let us know if you have experience, or know someone who does) who divide the students in to ability groups and help them improve stroke skills and endurance, as well as practice water safety skills.  We also need a male volunteer to help chaperone the boys’ lockerroom from 1:45-2:00 and 3:00-3:15, that volunteer could choose to swim with us or not.  Please let Nelia know if you can help.

We will transport students there on a bus at 1:30, and pick up for those students will happen at the LSC pool at 3:15 (allowing you to pick up at Riverside before at 3:00 or after at 3:30 as needed) that Friday and on all other swim dates: September 29, October 6, 13, 20, and 27.


PARENT ADVISORY GROUP: Our Parent Advisory Group continues this year with its goals of communication, facilitation, mentoring, and fundraising.  This group consists of at least one family from each grade level, and welcomes any other families who want to join in its efforts.  

            The group will be meeting for the first time on Thursday, September 21 at 5:00 pm to talk through logistics and goals in greater detail.  If you would like to join this group, please join us! So far, members include:

PreK - Madeleine & Ian Balcom

K - Erin & Jeremy McMullen

1 - Kim & Barrett Adams

2 - Courtney & Eric Daffinrud

3 - Mel Finn & Matt Aeberhard

Tricia & Heath Bunnell

4 - Ellen & Mike Moore

Jen Croft

5 - Anna Crytzer

6 - Chantel & David Randall;

Renee Piernot and Jim Dam

7 - Stephanie & Alan Giese

8 - Sara & Toby Lussier

Amber Sprouse


EASY WAYS TO HELP: The following are a few easy ways to help support Riverside throughout the year.

  • Price Chopper Tools for Schools: This simple fund-raiser benefits the school each time you shop all year long. If you shop at Price Chopper, sign up to support Riverside on the sheet in the front pocket of your Family Handbook. In the past our Price Chopper rewards have earned us much needed sports equipment, a digital projector, and a wireless microphone set.
  • Box Tops: Many food products in cardboard boxes have a small logo on the top that says “Box Tops for Education.”  These can earn us rewards and supplies. Please collect and bring these to school. Your efforts greatly help!  We need someone to volunteer to count and submit the box tops for us twice annually.
  • Good Search and Good Shop: When you use as your search engine and select The Riverside School (in Lyndonville, VT) as your charity, we get one cent for each search conducted. Set your browsers now! From that site you can link to, which then links to all your favorite on line shopping sites (Amazon, Borders, Staples, Marriott), United Airlines, QVC, eBay). Following that link to complete your shopping, and having the Riverside School (in Lyndonville, VT) set as your charity, will result in a portion of the sale being donated to our school.