Tuesday Memo 5/30/17

Wavy, Katie, and Austin celebrate 3 days left of their Riverside experience.

Wavy, Katie, and Austin celebrate 3 days left of their Riverside experience.



PARENT FUNDRAISER: Kingdom Trails would welcome the assistance of the Riverside community in this year’s Northeast Mountain Biking Festival, June 16-18, held on the property of the Wildflower Inn. If 7th graders, 8th graders, and Parents with younger students can organize a crew to clean showers there, we can earn $1000 for our school. This would entail 6 responsible kids and 2 adults cleaning three times (Saturday 6:45 AM and 2:00 PM Sunday 6:45 AM) and being on call for emergencies. Volunteers get free admission to the festival all weekend! This is a link to sign up at https://www.volunteersignup.org/8KL87. Questions can be directed to Mel Finn and Lilias Ide.

SEED SALE: The 5th grade class’s seeds are now on sale at a serious discount! Sugar snap peas, carrots, lettuce, and bush beans are all $1. Tomato, basil, and marigold starts, grown by the class with care in our own solarium, are for sale by donation. Talk to a 5th grader if you’d like to make a purchase. Proceeds are going to build Riverside’s technology resources. See the attached flyer for more details.

BAND NOTES: Instrumental students in grades 4-8 should bring instruments and music on Wednesday, as we’ll fit in as much rehearsal time as possible before Thursday’s graduation rehearsal. Beginner Band and Concert Band will be playing two short numbers before the graduation begins, and are reminded to arrive by 9:00 on Saturday morning for warm up and tuning in the Yurt.

LIBRARY: Please check your home for books that belong to Riverside’s library and return them as soon as possible. At this point students should not check out any more books from the library.

MIDDLE SCHOOL EXAMS: 6-8th graders will be taking exams this week. Please help them to recognize and prepare for them not only as a way to show their teachers what they know, but also an organizatinal and stress-management challenge. These are skills they’ll use many times in the future and practicing them now will serve them well.

LAST DAY OF SCHOOL: We have a few traditions for our last day of school, June 2.

Bike to School: We encourage students to bike to school on our last day! Often groups from a particular area will organize to meet together and bike all or a portion of their commute with some adult help. A follow car for safety and extra gear is often part of the strategy. Start planning with your Riverside neighbors now. We have some people in the following areas who are organizing meet ups, but these are not the only biking options, try out what will work best for your family! Late arrivals via bicycle are not counted as tardy.

o Burke area: meet Mr. G at the Inn at Mountain View on Darling Hill at 7:00 am

o Kirby area: meet at the Larsen’s house at 7:00 am (626 Ridge Road); others who want a shorter ride can also meet the Kirby group at Berry Tire when they pass by

Head for the Day: Izzi Heinrich-Clark won the raffle and has worked with Michelle to establish plans for the day, including biking, a bouncy house, tug-of-war, capture the flag, yearbook signing, sweet treats, and more...

Talent Show - On Friday at 1:00, our students will show off their diverse and impressive talents in our annual Talent Show in the new barn! We encourage parents to join us for this part of the day especially!

Water Fight - We’ll end the day with our annual water fight. Students are encouraged to bring a bathing suit and towel if they wish to get wet. Water guns will NOT be provided, but the kids are welcome to bring their own. Rules and safety precautions will be explained on Friday.

After School Program - We will run the ASP as needed this Friday, and it would help if you could email Nelia specifically to let her know if your child will be there and when you’ll be picking up so that we can plan accordingly. Also, note that your child will likely be wet after the water gun fight and will need extra clothes.

o 9:00 am: Band students who are playing the Prelude should arrive
o 9:45 am: All students arrive, report to the Yurt
o 10:00 am: Ceremony Begins
o Potluck Lunch after ceremony
o We appreciate all those who are willing to chip in to help clean up - folding and stacking chairs, cleaning up the potluck, folding tables.

7th grade parents: Please find Sara Lussier to help set up the potluck dishes as they arrive and then please assist in cleaning up tables, supplies, and return dishes to their owners as the party winds down.
Potluck: We ask all families to bring a salad or main dish to share. Riverside will provide drinks and dessert. Please bring a label of ingredients so that we can care for those with allergies.

DAVID ACADEMY CERTAMEN CAMP: Carolyn Brown has made available an opportunity this summer, July 17-20 from 9-2 each day, for any Latin student who would like to try out Certamen or fine tune their skills. Subjects such as myth, mottos, culture, history, geography, grammar, and more are all possible areas of expertise. This camp is also relevant to students who have studied Latin for some years, so any interested high school students are welcome. The cost is $400, and there are 5 spots remaining. If you sign up by May 31st, there is a $25 discount; in addition, the Latin Club will be offering a reimbursement of $200 off for Latin Club members and $100 off for other Riverside students. Only 5 spots remaining, so visit the website www.thedavidacademy.com to register or see the attached flyer for more details!


May 30 - June 1 - 6-8th grade Semester Exams
June 2 - Bike to School and Head for the Day
June 3 - Graduation, 10:00 am, official school day for all PreK-8th grade students
June 7 - Board of Trustees Meeting, 5:00 pm
June 14 - Narrative Reports mailed home


PreK/Heron Chicks
Our last week of fun.. Thursday we will be going to the Montshire Museum.. We will be meeting in the classroom at 8:00 and leaving at 8:30.. Please let me know if you have any extra seats for folks to ride with you.
Language Arts: review our letters and making a seed to flower book.
Math: counting games
Science: Taking our planted seeds home. Decorating our robots on Wednesday..

K-1st Grade/Carriage House Kids
Language Arts: We will finish our procedural writing on “How to Hatch Eggs and Care
For the Chicks”. We are planning a quick Reader’s Theater for Thursday at 9:00. Please let me know if you would like to come watch. Thank you.
Kindergarten Math: Holy Moly what an amazing journey we have all had together! We will finish the year comparing and analyzing height and weight and discussing taller, shorter, higher and lower.
1st Grade Math: We will continue with 3D shapes this week - identifying them, describing them according to attributes, and combining 3D shapes to compose a new one.
Science/Social Studies: As I’m sure you have heard, we now have a total of 7 black chicks! Some have white or yellow chests and some have feathers on their feet. One is very tiny and another quite small (these are bantams). On Friday afternoon, one of them was brought to “the hospital” with a split tendon. I am told that this is fixable, so hopefully, the chick will be all healed up soon and able to stand and walk. This week, the children will learn about caring for the chicks and how to handle them gently.
Music: We will continue to learn the graduation music and review concepts from this year using music games!
Special Note: Friday will be a “Fun Day”. Children will need to bring a water gun and an extra set of clothing. Please see other details about “Head For a Day” in notes above.

2nd-3rd Grade/Allee’s Angels
Language Arts: Students are finishing up on book projects resulting from the small fiction reading groups that occurred during this month. They are creating a poster depicting an important event to the story, picking a quote that supports that event, and then creating a paragraph explaining why they feel that event is important. We hope to get some outdoor reading time...We’ll see.
2nd Grade Math: We will finish our chapter of study on “money and time” and plan on taking an end of the chapter assessment on Wednesday.
3rd Grade Math: We will continue to work through our chapter of study on geometry and have a mid-chapter assessment on Thursday.
Science/Social Studies: We continue to explore habits that help kids (and grown-ups too!)to be happy.
Music: We will continue to learn the graduation music and review concepts from this year using music games!
Of Special Note: Peter will be treating our class to pizza and ice cream on Thursday this week. This will be a reward for our class’ success during the penny wars fundraiser before the December break.

4th Grade/Erin’s Electric Eagles
Language Arts: We will wrap up the school year by writing two letters: one to Joy and one to next year’s incoming 4th graders. We will be practicing letter writing format, as well as being sure to put all of our grammar, spelling, and mechanics knowledge into very good use. We will also be making book recommendations to our peers for summer reading. Math: Last week we dipped into area and perimeter, and we will finish up the school year with an introduction to data and measurement. We will explore different types of measurement and think about how units are related to one another.
Science: This week we will be putting all of our investigations and explorations to use as we make recommendations about whether or not the fictional company FabCo should be allowed to build a factory on the banks of a river in the equally fictional town Wamego. We will be taking on the personas of three different stakeholders and using all of our classwork from the past semester as evidence to make informed, thoughtful recommendations. Outdoor Learning: Last week we truly weathered the weather by playing the pancake game in the rain! We had a wonderful time putting many of our skills to work as we searched for items, built fires, and cooked pancakes.
Spanish: Due to the holiday on Monday and Head for a Day on Friday, we will not be having any Spanish classes this week.
Music:We will continue to learn the graduation music and review concepts from this year using music games! Beginner band students check the note above!
PE: Capture the Flag will be our game this week.

5th Grade
Science: We hopefully will be able to dodge the rain storms and finish planting the garden this week!
Math: Students will be creating games based on chance and probability, calculating the probability of various outcomes and having a small math carnival in celebration. Michelle will also be assessing the 5th graders skills in order to be able to plan for their proper placement and differentiation needs in middle school.
Readers’ Workshop: We will be creating book recommendations for the Riverside community’s summer reading. Each student will be creatively summarizing one of their recent choice books.
Writer’s Workshop: Students will be doing last edits and completing their writing projects. Social Studies: We will have a test on our learning about Vermont history on Wednesday.
Birch Buddies: Last week we played a game that incorporated fire building, wildlife identification, awareness, and lots of teamwork. What an epic celebration of the outdoor community and learning that we built this year! Thanks to parents for your support, especially those who came and spent time with us on Thursday afternoons!
Music: We will continue to learn the graduation music and review concepts from this year using music games! Beginner band students check the note above!
PE: Capture the Flag will be our game this week.

Seeds Sale Flyer