Monday Memo 3/20/17

Lyric, Piper, Brock, Lennon, Gabe, Sofi, and Cora won first place with their collaboration and improvization skills at the Destination Imagination competition this weekend!

Lyric, Piper, Brock, Lennon, Gabe, Sofi, and Cora won first place with their collaboration and improvization skills at the Destination Imagination competition this weekend!


DESTINATION IMAGINATION COMPETITION: The Popping People (Lyric, Piper, Brock, Lennon, Gabe, Sofi, and Cora, led by parents Sandra Laflamme and Tricia Bunnell) took 1st Place in the Improve Challenge at their DI competition this past weekend. The Time Machines (Sawyer, Conall, Anders, Oden, and Zoe, led by parents Courtney Daffinrud and Alison Kennedy) also did very well in their challenges about simple and complex machines. Thanks to the parents who’ve been working with these teams since last fall, and especially to the Daffinrud family who initiated this engaging program for our youngest students.

SINGIN’ IN THE RAIN: This is our eleventh annual Play Week, a tradition developed by the faculty that embraces our mission to learn actively, lead patiently, engage, and build community. Like so many of our special events, Play Week requires a lot of communication, flexibility, and help from parents. If you stop by school this week you’ll see 6th-8th grade students working together on a huge project. As teachers we remind them to use their time well, to stay focused on the tasks at hand, to help and encourage each other, and to be ready to show off their efforts, all important life skills. A somewhat loosely scheduled week like this would not be as successful in the fall, but after building skills in similar, smaller tasks all year, we think departing from academic classes to engage in them on a deeper level this entire week is well worth it. And come Friday night, we’ll all be impressed with how much pride and ownership our students have in the process and its result. Read on for lots more detail that we expect 6-8th grade parents to understand:

Schedule: This week’s schedule for the 6th-8th graders will be entirely focused on "Singin’ in the Rain" production. There will be assemblies each morning and afternoon at about 3:00. Parents are welcome to help or observe any time during the week.

We highly recommend and encourage a healthy break away from the barn between 3:30-5:00 on Friday. If your child has friends who live at a far distance or have busy working parents, please consider inviting him/her home for dinner with you so that lots of kids can get a good break from Riverside before the performance. Anyone who will be in the ASP on Friday should be sure to let Krystal know in advance.

Needs: We still need some help to pull this production together! Please let Nelia know if you can do any of the following:

Assisting with hair before each performance (so far: Ellen and Molly Moore)

Assisting with make-up before each performance (so far: Francine and Brenna Morgan)

Donating items for the bake sale at intermission

Managing the bake sale table during intermission and after each performance (sign up for one or both)

Clean Up help on Saturday night: sorting, hauling, and storing various materials. Prop Requests: A large potted plant

Publicity: Please tell your friends about our performances and bring them with you! The play is a great outing for young people, as it’s only about an hour long. This event isanother way for us to avertise both our school community and our outstanding students. T-Shirts: 6-8th graders will come home with new, commemorative 2017 Play Week t-shirts today. They may enjoy wearing them all week (!!), and often many students wear theirs on Friday for a group photo. Note a $5 charge on your school store account to help offset the cost of shirts; please let Krystal know if this is a problem.

Costumes: Each actor will have a conversation with Rachel this week about what they need to bring from their own closets. Please review this conversation together and bring items in as soon as possible.

Make-Up: We ask that each student bring mascara and eyeliner in a small baggie with his/her name on it before Thursday. It can be turned in to Nelia

Admission: There is no cost for admission, but there will be a donation box at the door. Bake Sale: There will be a bake sale during intermission and after each performance. If you’d like to bake something to donate, we’d appreciate it, and know that there will be snacks to enjoy.

All Hands on Deck Clean Up: All students should plan to help clean up after Saturday’s show. With all hands on deck, it will probably only take an hour to lug sets back downstairs, sort out costumes, pick up lost and found, sweep the space, etc.

SEED FUNDRAISER: Remember the 5th grade class will be happy to sell you your carrot, lettuce, bush bean and snap pea seed/seedlings later this spring. These hardy, non-GMO seeds from FedCo in Maine will suit your garden plans very well. If anyone has clear plastic (Pete and Gerry’s style) egg cartons to donate to their planting efforts, the class would be grateful, and your future veggies will have an early, warm, sun- filled start to their lives.

SPRING CLEANSE YOGA: Come get moving and ready for the seasonal shift in this Prana Vinyasa style flow yoga, appropriate for multi-level students. This will be an upbeat class focused on twists for cleansing and core engagement and strengthening.
Classes will be in the Barn on Mondays from 8:30-9:30 and 4:00-5:00pm: April 10, 24, May 1, 8, 15 and 22nd. The fees for the class will be $60 for 6 one-hour classes. It is open to the public so please tell your friends. With 10 people signed up for each class, the parents could meet the fundraising goals for the year!

SCIENCE CLUB: No science club this week.

CHESS CLUB: There is no Chess Club this week.

PARENT-TEACHER-STUDENT CONFERENCES: We do not plan to reschedule a planned half-day of conferences. We do encourage parents to consider the teachers with whom they want to have a formal communication or meeting and to reach out to that teacher directly to schedule in a mutually convenient way.

LATIN CLUB: Latin Club will meet at 3:45 on Thursday.

SWIMMING: We will not be swimming this week so that elementary students can attend the dress rehearsal of Singin’ in the Rain. We will swim again March 31, April 7, 28, May 5, 12.

SBAC TESTING: Students in grades 3-8 will be engaged with computer-based standardized testing beginning next week. Students will have time to practice working with the online testing interface and to discuss that experience as a class. Each student then will have about 5-6 hours of testing over two weeks. If you have any questions about this, please contact Nelia.

OPEN HOUSE: We have planned another Open House for families interested in Riverside: March 30, 6:00-7:00 pm. This is truly a casual open house for tours and conversations; there will be no formal presentations. Please help us to spread the word among your friends and neighbors who might be a good fit for our mission.

FREE BABY GRAND PIANO: We have been so fortunate to receive a few donations of grand pianos in recent years, and are truly thankful to those who donated them to us. And now they are taking up much needed space and it’s time to pass one on. It is an light brown color, has a nice, bright sound and would be a great piano for a family. If anyone wants a free piano, it’s yours for the taking:

PRINTER INK: We have two packages of HP 933 ink that are new but the package is open, for a printer we no longer use. If anyone would like them, just ask Nelia.


March 20-24 - Middle School Play Week
March 24, 25 - Singin’ in the Rain, 7:00 pm
March 30 - Open House for Prospective Families, 6:00-7:00 pm
March 31 - K-3rd grade swimming, pick up at SJA pool at 3:15
March 27-April 7 - SBAC Testing for grades 3-8
April 14 - Poetry Fest, early dismissal at 12:30


PreK/Heron Chicks
We have been listening to our children and their interest and many children are interested in their bodies and we have been explaining what digestion means. This will our next BIG unit of study..
Language Arts: letter K, k sound books & making kites..
Letter sorts for group work & sight word book making
Retell: “The Mitten”, by Jan Brett using props (we didn't get to this last week because of our snow day)
Math: measuring.. Which is longer & which is shorter? How long is it? Numbers 11-20 Science: Our bodies.. We will be tracing our bodies and adding our bones, muscles, brain and digestive system and will be learning their functions.
Social/Emotional:solution card review
Special Note:I need everyone's paperwork for act 166
Classroom Needs:

K-1st Grade/Carriage House Kids
Language Arts: Return to interactive writing about Hurricanes. We will use this writing to build a bulletin board about hurricanes. Practice appropriate audience etiquette, providing comments, questions, and suggestions for peers during Author’s Chair.
Kindergarten Math: We will be looking closely at the number 20 and reviewing the numbers 11-19.
1st Grade Math: We were a little delayed with the snow day last week, so will finish our unit on comparing numbers this week. We’ll look at 10 more/10 less and take the chapter test. We will then begin Chapter 8, 2-digit addition and subtraction!
Science/Social Studies: Rainbows!
Art: We finished our cardinal collage by adding details to the bird and stamping falling snowflakes.
Special Note: There will be no swimming this week. New book orders will be due on Friday, 3/22.

2nd-3rd Grade/Allee’s Angels
Language Arts: We’ll begin a brief exploration of folk tales. This week we’ll listen and read several tall tales. We’ll plan our next opportunity to share in front of the class (probably in lines of retelling a fable to our class). We are returning to our spelling studies. Please expect spelling lists and homework in their boomerangs today. We’ll spend a bit of time returning to free writing in our writer's journals. SMUG includes reviewing sentence structure, growing sentences, watching for double negatives in writing.
2nd Grade Math: They continue to work with strategies to understand two digit subtraction. 3rd Grade Math: They continue to work with fractions, and will have a chapter assessment midweek. Our next chapter will focus on comparing fractions.
Science/Social Studies: The digestive system and eating healthy
Music: There will be no music or chorus this week due to the upcoming upper school musical production.
Art: We are creating medallions and learning about radial symmetry.
Of Special Note: We will not swim this week. Instead, we will be watching the dress run through of the upper school play, and enjoying spring!

4th Grade/Erin’s Electric Eagles
Writing: After starting with couplets and tercets last week, we will be learning about more complex poetry structures, such as limericks and haikus, with stricter rules about syllables, rhyming, and rhythm. We will also be experimenting with a somewhat structured free verse poem about ourselves.
Reading: Work continues on individual Great 8 projects! Students should be trying to finish their books in the next week or two, and those who have finished are beginning a project to explore elements of their story both in writing and in drawing. We will also be continuing to read and discuss Love That Dog in conjunction with our poetry unit.
Math: This week we will be wrapping up our chapter on adding and subtracting fractions. After some practice with multi-step word problems, we will review and have our assessment (hopefully) on Thursday! We will then be starting to look at how to multiply fractions.
Social Studies: This week we will be wrapping up our preparations for our deliberation and then holding the deliberation later in the week! We will review proper norms and expectations for this kind of discussion, and we will hopefully end with a vote that will determine what course of action the citizens of Kipperville want to take in regards to their relationship with England.
Genius Hour: After missing our work time last week, we will be spending our time this week looking towards the finish line of presenting before Spring Break. We will plan out goals, anticipate needs for support and materials, and continue working on our wonderful projects. Outdoor Learning: Last week we held two workshops of building structures outside with all of our wonderful snow and creating birch baskets and other crafts! We are excited to see what kinds of creations will come out of this week’s workshops! Additionally, if you have any outdoor skills or activities that you might be interested in sharing with the 4th and 5th grade on a Thursday afternoon, please let me know!
Spanish: Due to the middle school play work, this week we are excited to invite Carmenza, who has been teaching K-3 Spanish, as a guest teacher for 4th and 5th grade! Our Spanish will happen on Tuesday and Friday this week to better accommodate her schedule.
Art: We designed a simple printing plate and used it to stamp multiple times on our multi- colored tissue paper background.

5th Grade
Science: This week we will be learning about the important functions of various structures within a plant. We are looking forward to starting some seeds as well!
Math: Our math groups are working on reviewing and solidifying fraction multiplication skills and learning to troubleshoot with where to place the decimal point and how to add zeros with dividing by a decimal.
Readers’ Workshop: We will continue to enjoy our literature circle books. This week we will be working on reflecting on our reading with a short writing project.
Writer’s Workshop: We will be wrapping up our debate unit by organizing our notes in outline form and preparing for short debates on Friday.
Social Studies: Two key figures stand out in early Vermont history: Anne Story and Ethan Allen. We will be learning about Vermont’s beginnings through their biographies and continuing to discuss the various perspectives at play, whether Abenaki, New York landowners, settlers, or Green Mountain Boys.
Birch Buddies: Last week we held two workshops of building structures outside with all of our wonderful snow and creating birch baskets and other crafts! We are excited to see what kinds of creations will come out of this week’s workshops! Additionally, if you have any outdoor skills or activities that you might be interested in sharing with the 4th and 5th grade on a Thursday afternoon, please let me know!
Art: We made multiple colorful prints with our cardboard printing plates on our watercolor backgrounds.
Special Note: Conferences were canceled last week, but as always please feel free to check in with me after school or email about scheduling a meeting time if you have questions about students report cards or for any reason!