Our Mission

The mission of The Riverside School is to develop active learners, patient leaders, and engaged citizens in a supportive community.

Core Values

The Riverside School is dedicated to the ideal that children be involved and enthusiastic participants in their education. We nurture and encourage curiosity, creativity, and individuality, and we instill in students an appreciation for hard work. We believe that children can learn to be strong and effective leaders, and we are committed to developing in our students the skills necessary to take on leadership roles. We believe that students must be aware of and be active in the broader world around them in order to become ethical and compassionate members of society. Support for our students' growth as learners, leaders, and citizens must come from every element of the Riverside community, both in and out of the classroom; therefore, we value and rely on the deep involvement of parents, faculty, staff, and administration in the development of our students. 


We believe that a challenging, inspiring and diverse early education leads to future academic achievement and positive adulthood. The Riverside School curriculum integrates; Sciences, Literature, Social Studies, Modern and Classical Languages, Fine Arts, Athletics, and Healthy Living. Teachers model scholarship in their fields and a passion for lifelong learning. Students exercise curiosity, critical thinking, and creativity to take their learning several steps beyond minimal exposure. Through this effort we help students to find delight in the blend of art, academic, physical and social skill development.


Riverside students respect and appreciate the individual qualities of themselves and their peers. Strong, positive character is a trait we believe to be as important to future success as academic achievement. We develop leadership, responsibility, respect, compassion, and individual strengths of each student in various parts of the school day and throughout the academic year. Character building happens in small class discussions, cross-grade interactions, advisory conversations, and opportunities students have to demonstrate diverse talents.


Riverside students understand how to apply their learning and leadership skills outside of the classroom. Student-led assemblies, cross-grade mentoring and daily cooperative school cleanup all help to cement the school community. Service projects and current events discussions help connect the school to the local community, the nation and the world. Students practice community participation and plan to use what they have learned to enhance the world around them.


Riverside's small size and family atmosphere encourage a nurturing community. The Riverside community fosters meaningful relationships between students, teachers and parents through open communication, shared celebration and a common investment in our students. Students take pride and feel ownership for the caring, safe and positive environment.

“…We love the sense of community. We’ve felt very welcomed as a family by the staff, other parents and kids in class. We love the high academic expectations. We are pleased that other families have the same academic and behavioral expectations of their kids. Our kids love it. They have more homework, sure, but never a complaint. They are so happy because they feel welcomed, valued, have fun with their friends and enjoy learning from the enthusiastic teachers.”
— Stephanie & Alan Giese, parents to Maren, 2019 & Anika, 2021