Suzanne Tanner: Art

Education:  Kutztown State University; BFA in Graphic Design

Years at Riverside: 27

Teaches:  art to grades PreK through 8

Why Riverside? “Many years ago Bob Gessner, the math teacher at that time, invited me to graduation. I was impressed by the eighth  grade class speeches and their delivery with such poise and confidence.  I realized then that this was a school community that I wanted to be part of”.

Personal: Suzanne grew up all over the United States, traveling with her military family.  In 1993, she settled with her own family in Danville.  Suzanne is an artist as well as an educator, creating handmade paper, sculpting sheets into intricate paper imagery, and weaving blankets.  She loves to garden, tandem mountain biking, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.