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Summer Day Camp at Riverside

Calligraphy with Lauren Ruffner
Participants will embrace their individuality, enjoy the freedom to create their own style of writing, and explore the artistry of fonts. During the week they will practice writing in a number of different fonts, create their own, and prepare pieces of work to display their newfound skills. Younger students will learn about the parts of a calligraphy pen and three basic alphabets. Older students will also explore pen angle, additional fonts, and other flourishments.

Nature Art with Kate Renner
Participants will use the resources of the fields and forest that surround the Riverside campus to embark on a variety of art projects. Some days will be spent entirely outside, incorporating the natural elements of the landscape into our artwork. We might do plaster castings of found objects, large fiber sculptures on the trees in cedar circle, or a felting project that uses both wool and fibers collected from the fields. Themes explored during the week might include: the science of color and color theory; exploring movement and Newton's laws by making kinetic toys and sculptures; fiber arts like weaving, felting and sewing with found and recycled materials; and playing with our food-- using basic kitchen staples to make beautiful artwork.

Earlier Event: June 3
Later Event: June 14
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