Admission Process

Our parents expects The Riverside School to provide an education that will challenge their child and help them develop and/or maintain a love of learning.  In addition, The Riverside School helps to develop a strong moral character in their children by focusing on individual aspirations and talents and providing an engaging and supportive learning environment.

The students of The Riverside School are a community of intellectually curious and highly motivated learners.  In order to create this community, we seek students who bring: 

  • A positive attitude toward learning to our school environment

  • A passion, whether academic, artistic, or athletic, to our school community

  • A desire to be challenged by, and and the ability to work with the achievement opportunities that Riverside offers.

The diverse backgrounds of our students enhance the culture of Riverside and add to the familial climate of our school.  There is no one typical Riverside student; rather we seek to build a strong community of committed individuals.

We look forward to helping you get a feel for our school, answering all your questions, and learning more about your child and what he/she could contribute to our community.  The application process is not a difficult one, but we hope that you will give it sincere thought and effort. This is what it includes:

  1. A visit to the school: Your child will get a chance to see and feel what it is like to spend a day here and we will get to learn more about what he/she is like as a student in class. Call us to arrange a visit (802) 626-8552 or email us at

  2. A complete application: Be thorough in your answers so that we can learn more about what your child likes to do and cares about.

  3. A conversation with the Head: Michelle looks forward to speaking with you specifically about what attracts you to our school and what kind of commitment you are willing to make to your child’s education.

  4. A faculty review: Our team of faculty is our admission committee. We consider the written application, a school visit, records from your current school, and how well we will be able to meet the needs of your child. We want to ensure that all students accepted will be successful in this community.


Preschool Application

Application for Grades K-3

Application for Grades 4-8