Nelia Rath: World Issues, Spanish, Director of Co-Curricular Programs


BA, Colby College; M.Ed, Antioch University New England

Nelia Rath grew up in a variety of communities, an experience that fostered her love of exploring the unfamiliar.  This love has become an essential component of her philosophy of education.  Students in her class participate in lessons designed to engage, stimulate, and provoke deeper thinking about concepts and ideas.  Nelia believes in challenging students, knowing that as they digest their experiences in school, they develop both skills and an appreciation for their personal growth.  Students leave her class as more confident problem solvers with well developed study skills.

Nelia graduated from Colby College and earned her M.Ed. in integrated learning at Antioch University.  She continues to work with Antioch as a Critical Skills Master Teacher though their Center for School Renewal. Before joining the faculty of Riverside in 2005, Nelia worked with high school students at the Shackleton School, guiding adolescents through learning on expeditions away from home.  Her experience working many summers at Camp Killooleet have enhanced her understanding of adolescence and helped her to develop an interest in training young educators. She lives in a historic home in Kirby with her husband, chef and restaurant owner, Dave, daughter Cora, and two beloved chocolate labradors. Nelia is glad to be a part of the small community at Riverside, a place where she sees students truly engaged in their learning.