Joy Sanders: 5th Grade Classroom Teacher

BA, Emmaus Bible College

What first sparked Joy's interest in teaching was her traveling opportunities in high school. She was part of teams doing service work in Alabama and then further abroad in West Africa, where she saw the opportunity to serve and challenge others young people more clearly than ever. She pursued this dream through her studies at Emmaus Bible College, earning a degree in Elementary Education and minoring in Counseling/Psychology. Joy culminated her academic study during in a 4-month student teaching placement at an international school in Nairobi, Kenya. There she was able to put into practice the management techniques necessary to foster learning in a diverse classroom group (14 countries were represented in her class of 20). Joy also discovered her personal style as a teacher, inspiring learning creatively through active, authentic, real-life projects. 

Joy began teaching at Riverside soon after returning home and has enjoyed being back in beautiful Vermont working as a part of our supportive staff team with energetic 5th grade learners. A journey through the class year with Joy's fifth graders might include castle building, debates between teams of peers on a current events issue, or holding a mock Vermont town meeting. Intermixed with the hands-on learning projects are many opportunities for students to develop their literacy skills and problem solving reasoning. Joy's value of differentiation makes her classroom a place where each student is supported in growth as an individual. Outside of the classroom, she enjoys a Vermont country life of hiking, horseback riding, and cross-country skiing with friends and family near her family farm.