Joel Gilbert: Science, Physical Education

BS, Cornell University

Joel Gilbert's enthusiasm for all things "science" yields engaged and curious learners. He guides students' naturally inquisitive minds with the belief that science should not be learned only by reading or listening to a collection of isolated facts; science should be observed and experienced in the world around us. The experiential lessons and labs that Joel designs make science both interesting and thought provoking for Riverside's middle school students. The bridge building contest, egg drop lab, rocket launching unit, and dissection lab are but a few of the perennial favorites. It is through these lessons that students develop a conceptual understanding of the content, an understanding that stays with them beyond the science classroom.

Joel is a graduate of Cornell University and has taught science at Riverside for over ten years. He also teaches physical education to middle school students, as well as serving as the seventh grade advisor. In the fall he coaches our 7th-8th grade soccer team. When not in his classroom, Joel, or "Mr. G.," can usually be found playing basketball or a strategy game. He lives in Burke with his wife and two children, both of whom have attended Riverside.