Erin Glocke: 4th Grade Classroom Teacher

BS, Penn State College

Erin's background is in summer camps and environmental education, where she quickly learned of her love for working with youth. She recently graduated from Penn State College with a degree Childhood and Early Adolescent Education, and came across Riverside’s website during her senior-year job search. She says, “I knew Riverside was a unique place and that I wanted to be a part of it. The immediate pull was pictures of students learning outside.The more I learned about Riverside, the more I loved it.  Ultimately, I was attracted to the position because of the strong community feel and because of the flexibility allowed for teachers. It is so rare that teachers have so much say in what type of work they want their students to do, and while it can sometimes be overwhelming to have so much freedom for choice, it is ultimately a special opportunity.” Erin says that in her first month as a full-time teacher she has been both challenged by the work and supported by the community. “Riverside is proving to be a wonderful place to grow as a teacher.”

Erin loves to spend time in the outdoors: hiking, biking, and kayaking.  She also appreciates venturing into new things, and so looks forward to learning more about outdoor pursuits in the Northeast Kingdom: mountain biking and skiing.  She knows her students will be there to help her learn!