Alice Lee: 2nd-3rd Grade Classroom Teacher

BS, Lyndon State College

When you enter Alice Lee’s 2nd-3rd grade room at Riverside you immediately recognize that you are surrounded by learning.  The walls are covered in the daily work of math jobs, or craft projects hang from the ceiling, and bulletin boards show off student writing.  Students work at small tables, and get lots of individual attention from their teacher Alice Lee. At times the room transforms itself during a thoroughly integrated unit about the rainforest or the ocean. “Allee’s” soft spoken, calm but firm nature, as well as her organization and attention to detail help young Riversiders quickly build skills and become budding scholars.  Her creativity and artistic abilities guide their imaginations and nurture their joy of learning.  Her students enjoy exciting, integrated learning that happens through her guidance.

“Allee” joined the Riverside faculty in 2003, bringing a wealth of experience and resources. She is proud of her Kingdom roots, having grown up among the farms in Danville and graduated from Lyndon State College with a degree in Elementary Education.  In her early career, Alice worked in a variety of schools including a one-room school house, later she was a staff person at a local non-profit organization.  She has three boys of her own and has facilitated many community activities for children of all ages.